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Operation Teen Safe Driving

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Manteno Panthers Operation Teen Safe Driving Club "A-Team"

Mock Prom Car Accident 2013
Mock Prom Car Accident 2013

Operation Teen Safe Driving is group that is sponsored through a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation. It is a grant which students and teacher leaders write each year to be awarded $2,000 funding to run the program. If awarded $ the students will then provided various activities throughout the school year to promote awareness of safe driving. They focus on Teen Safe driving, Distracted Driving, Texting and driving, Driving  under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Seat belt usage and community awareness on safe driving. They do things in the community, at sporting events, held a mock prom car accident in conjunction with Manteno Police and Fire Department, St. Marys Hospital, and Fuse Salon. They also do a "Please Return on Monday" events during the week leading up to PROM. They work with the Illinois State Police on different activities. Its a student let organization.