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2017 Show Choir Gala
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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By Amber Daly

On Saturday, April 8th, Manteno Show Choir Boosters hosted a dinner to support Manteno Magic from the high school and the Grand Paws from the middle school.  This night was very important to seniors, they were announced and this was their last time to perform with the other Magic members.  Both Grand Paws and Magic put a lot of time and effort into making this night great.  They both learned a new song so they could perform it as a whole group.  The girls of Grand Paws and Magic learned a song together as well as the boys of both groups.  One song they learned was “Finding Neverland” and this was dedicated to Magic group. They also had to learn the traditional song “Today My Life Begins”, this song is the a goodbye to the seniors.  The soloists from competition season also sang their solos in front of the crowd.  Andrew Lewis, a senior, won the Michael Snyder Achievement Award for working extremely hard all four years in not only Show Choir but the varsity chorus, too.  Both teams performed their fall show and their competition show.  Everyone put in a lot of work to make this as great of a night as it was.  Good luck and goodbye Seniors!

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