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Manteno Valedictorian - Kylie Zawisza
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Monday, May 22, 2017
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Manteno High School announces Kylie Zawisza as the class of 2017 valedictorian. Kylie is the daughter of Laurie and Joseph Zawisza. She has been involved with World Youth Science and Engineering competitions for three years, earning a first place finish in both Chemistry and Biology at the regional level this spring. She then competed at the sectional competition and earned third place in both Chemistry and Biology. Kylie is a four year member of the softball program, playing Varsity catcher for the past two years. She was nominated as an IHSA Academic Scholar Athlete for the state of Illinois. This 2017 Illinois State Scholar will attend Northern Illinois University on a full ride academic scholarship in the fall to pursue a degree in chemistry.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining us today.  I am honored to be speaking in front of you as we celebrate the conclusion of our high school years here at Manteno High School. Today we must say goodbye to everything comfortable and familiar and move on to bigger and better things.   


It seems like since the very start of our freshman year, we began to count down the days to our graduation.  We would tell ourselves, “three more years,” then “two more years” then “next year” then “next month” then even “next week”.  Now we say “today”, Class of 2017 because today we are finally graduating.


Most of us in caps and gowns have been together since kindergarten.  We’ve watched each other grow into the young men and women that sit in front of you today, even through the horrors of our middle school years.  Together we have managed to survive these past 13 years and make it to graduation.


Our high school years seemed to have dragged by yet sped past at the same time.  They dragged by with the long hours of class work and longer hours of homework.  They dragged by with the stress and drama that dominates high school.  Despite these endeavors, the good times balanced out the bad.  Our high school years flew by as we made lifelong friends and lasting memories. As we attended countless dances and football games, we never thought that soon we would attend our last.


Much of our success in high school is due to the help and support of our teachers and family.  We owe thanks to our teachers, who have invested their unconditional time and effort towards our learning.  They have arrived early and stayed late, served as role models and mentors, and put up with our raging bouts of senioritis.  We also owe thanks to our parents, who have had the largest impact on who we came to be.  They have attended numerous academic, athletic, and musical events without complaint.  Despite their constant nagging, we all know that we wouldn’t have made it this far without them.  I, for one, would not be standing here today if not for my own parents.

The lessons we learned in high school will serve us well no matter what path we choose to follow, whether it is into the workforce, the military, or further education.   Regardless of our future plans, we will always be able to draw on our high school experiences to help us and guide us along the way.  From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best of luck with whatever the future holds for you, and I have complete confidence that the Manteno High School Class of 2017 will accomplish great things.


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