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37 Inducted into National Honor Society
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Friday, November 10, 2017
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On Thursday night, November 9 Manteno High School inducted 37 new members into the local chapter. Students are selected on the basis of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Citizenship. The process involves a minimum GPA of 4.5 on our 5 scale, an application, staff review of candidates. Manteno High School is proud to bestow this honor on the following students.


Jackson Baldwin                               Lucas Beasley                    Dena Bischopink

Danielle Bogacz                                 Lexi Bowdish                      Ryan Conway

Ryan Crockett                                    Alyse Crow                         Sierra Cureton

Sean Drexler                                      Danae Durham                  Kyrstin Eastman

Olivia Farley                                        Bailey Field                   Victoria Flores Almazan

Caitlin Godsey                                   Ashton Grant                     Kyle Hacek

Jessica Hurley                                    Isaac Jones                         Kalli Jungles

Jacqueline Kasalko                          Leah Lohse                         Jessica Regan

Michael St. Aubin                           McKenna Skyberg           Tammy Simith-Pattenaude

Holly Vandergriff                              Kaycie Wenzel                   Stephen Yantes



Katie Bell                                             Cade Clodi                           Mason Crews

Alyssa Crowley                                  Luke Deters                        Amanda Greenley

Ben Riner

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