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Manteno Announces Illinois State Scholars
Posted On:
Friday, December 08, 2017

Manteno High School is excited to announce the name of the 2018 Illinois State Scholars.

Illinois State Scholars are recognized on behalf of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. They are selected on the bases of SAT/ACT scores and their class rank at the conclusion of their junior year in high school. Manteno has 18 Illinois State Scholars this year and they are:


Devin Albek-Hernandez


Megan McShane


Kiley Barr


Blake Meyer


Melissa Benevice


Madison Monk


Alyssa Crowley


Kaitlyn Morgan


Andrew DeRose


Todd O'Dell Jr.


Grace Duggan


Kendall Ridgley


Joshua Jackson


Frank Salmons


Cameron Kruger


Ashley Santoro


Justin Long


Morgan Weishaar



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